Dividing the Indivisible – The Undoing of the United States

I’m frustrated with the political situation in the U.S., as many are, but I hope this doesn’t simply add to the political noise. I truly believe a failure to take this message to heart, regardless of where it comes from, will lead to the deterioration of the once United States of America.

With an election year coming up, and the political banter well underway, it seems right to express it now. Here are my frustrations concerning…

  1. The people, us, the voters: Many quite freely exercise their freedom of speech by complaining and criticizing. An elected official nowadays basically is agreeing to hold a position where they will be slandered, insulted, mocked, and ridiculed. Who would want to lead a group of such people? Why do we treat our leaders this way? Yes, leaders should expect criticism and complaints, but there’s a great difference between constructive criticism and simply tearing down someone when you disagree. At least seek to offer a better solution respectfully. Instead we sit in the back row and hurl tomatoes but remain unwilling to involve ourselves. For the sake of the nation I plead with all to support and honor those in authority. We don’t have to agree, but it seems we’ve lost the ability to disagree respectfully. We must gain this back or it will destroy us. For those elected to a high position, can we assume that at least part of their motivation is to do what’s best for the people?
  2. Those in authority: Why are you aiming to “win” an election and “defeat” your opponent? That’s like having a goal to get a ring on a finger and say “I do” rather than aiming to have a joyful, successful, lasting marriage. Shouldn’t “winning” mean reducing poverty, increasing the quality of education, and improving the nation as a whole? Shouldn’t you aim at “defeating” injustices, unemployment, broken families, and violence? Why must we set two parties against each other who seem mostly concerned with maintaining power and holding fast to the ideals of the party, because they otherwise risk being rejected by both parties? Why compete against each other? A president once quoted Jesus by saying, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are at a critical moment, for our nation will progressively become more limited and full of turmoil if we continue in dissensions and quarrels amongst ourselves. Leaders, it’s not about you or your party. You are being elected to serve the people. We may not agree on what’s best, but if you commit to putting the nation’s best interests first and engage in discussion over how to do that, then I believe the people will commit to putting their trust in you.

We have come to a point where we paint leaders out to be villains who do no good. Even if we largely disagree with someone, we can still respect and honor them. Additionally, when those in leadership positions promote such hate toward one another, is it any wonder why such violence exists around the country? I’m not insinuating a strong correlation between animosity among our leaders and the frequent shooting tragedies, but I do call for a better example from those in leadership positions.

We need to evaluate where we are headed and change the current cultural climate, not so the U.S. can remain a “superpower,” but instead for it to remain a prosperous land of abundance that can bless other nations and once again be land of opportunity where people want to live.


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